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Around 1:30 am on May 1st, I was lying in bed asleep but awoke with a bit of a start. I felt a strong uterine surge come on, so I opened my eyes and took some deep breaths. After about 30 seconds, I felt that familiar POP, and leapt out of bed to the bathroom because my water broke. My husband woke up and I shared the news, but then we both got busy packing, as baby was about 2 weeks early and we didn't have anything packed!

By 3:30 am, my husband, our 21 month-old daughter, and I were at the birthing center, and the surges were coming about every 3-4 minutes. They were strong enough to make progress, but not strong enough that I was uncomfortable. My husband and I actually took a nap for about an hour or so around 5:00 am; I would wake every few minutes and breathe through the surges. But even then, I felt I was able to rest those few minutes in between the strong surges.

Around 9:00 am, the surges were much stronger and closer together. My husband continued to prompt me with our deepening scripts, and my favorite images to focus on were the blue satin ribbons and the baby emerging from the opening flower. I found that if I closed my eyes and smiled to myself through the surge, that it actually felt a little better. I also used a lot of focused, deep breathing to keep me relaxed, loose, and limp.

Around 11:30 am or so, I felt the strong urge to begin pushing, but I worked very hard not to push. My cervix was actually not completely dilated, and I didn't want to force the baby out. I kept thinking back to the video I watched with the woman in the birthing tub that breathed her baby down slowly…first the head emerged, and then she waited for another surge before the body worked its way out. She became my inspiration. I changed positions at this point, as I spent much of my labor walking, standing or sitting on the birthing stool. But at this point it felt more comfortable to rest on all fours - so I climbed on the bed and continued to focus on my breathing.

I felt my son's head emerging sometime after that… his head came out in one surge, then we had a minute…then his shoulders emerged… then the rest of his body gently and slowly slipped out! I couldn't believe I did it!! I didn't push him out - he was breathed down gently and calmly. He was handed to me between my legs, and I grabbed his warm, little body and held him to my chest. My husband and I just started laughing and cheering - it was the perfect ending to a long night.

He was a healthy boy; 8 lbs, 3 oz and 20.5 inches, so I am thankful that he decided to join this world at 38 weeks! Both my husband and I couldn't be happier with our birth experience, our beloved son and the entire VILLAGE of people that supported us in this birth. We feel so lucky to have had our second HypnoBirthing® baby, and I can't wait to start spreading the good news to others when I begin teaching HypnoBirthing® classes in a few months.

— A. E.
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