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Just wanted to let you know we had the baby! I could not have done it without taking this class. It was such an enjoyable experience for my husband and I both. On Friday around 12:30 am my water broke right before going off to bed. At first there was a bit of a panic. My husband reassured me, "We have time, let's listen to Rainbow Relaxation." I soon calmed down a bit, listened to the CD and used the breathing techniques. I was amazed that within seconds I became relaxed, happy, and ready for my baby. After taking our time packing we left about an hour later when surges were closer together and gaining intensity. We arrived at the hospital relaxed, smiling, joking around and ready to have the baby.

We were greeted by our 2 doulas who had gone to the nurses' station prior to arrival and handed out several copies of our birth plan, one for each attending nurse. I soon went into a deep relaxation, so deep that I was asleep for a total of about 8 hours of surges. Literally asleep. My husband tells me that during surges he could see my eyes rapidly move back and forth as if I was in an REM sleep. I felt sensations, but I felt no fear. I was so relaxed and ready for this baby. Then when I felt I wanted to push I did. My midwife delivering told me that she had never seen anyone push like I had. I would breathe down the baby, then stop and relax and just smile and use breathing techniques. I was actually smiling! The nurses were amazed, and stated, "Is she smiling? I can't even tell when she is pushing." With a few more birth breaths our beautiful baby was born with only an hour of breathing down.

This was my first child, and my midwife and every attending nurse was very surprised that I had only first degree tears, given the baby was 8 pounds 12 ounces and 22 inches long. And before I was pregnant I was a 105 pound ballerina. I received so many comments from nurses and my midwife. "You are a pioneer woman!" "That was amazing!" "I have never seen any first time mom or anyone give birth like that! And lastly my midwife says, "You were very in tune with your body, you knew when you wanted to push, when you needed to do things without promptings, and most amazingly you did this all through relaxing and listening to your body's needs." I just have to say that HypnoBirthing® has changed my view on childbirth. At first I was very skeptical about HypnoBirthing®. Like, "Yeah right, this isn't going to work for me." I had always been afraid of hospitals blood draws make me pass out and I thought to myself how will I have a baby!? But as soon as I took the classes I realized childbirth is something that is a happy, joyful experience, not something to be afraid of or something that "hurts." And as I put all my fears aside and listened to what my body wanted childbirth to be like I could only put childbirth in the same category as something that is joyous. I was walking within hours of having my baby, eating steak and potatoes, and smiling. I have to say that my baby could not be a calmer baby. I would have to say that that is in result to a non-traumatizing experience for him. No pain meds, no unnecessary testing, no early cord clamping, no vaccinations, no injections. And most importantly the bonding experience because I requested 24 hour rooming, for the baby to be placed immediately on my bare skin, and for any tests to be done in my arms. I can not express the amount of joy I have received from this experience, how much this has changed my life, and how much I feel it has saved my baby and made childbirth joyous. I can't thank you enough. I hope more and more people become aware of HypnoBirthing®. Thank you!

L. H.
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